Why I carp fish in France

I was sat thinking the other night after bemoaning about the seemingly never ending winter and the lack of any good programmes on the TV. when my mind turned to my forthcoming fishing trips this year to France, and within a few moments I found myself smiling at the thought that spring isn’t too far away and it will be soon time to hit the fishing shops to prepare for another weeks fishing in France.

Chuck Ives and a beautiful French mirror

I thought that I would take the opportunity to explain how my holidays to France organised by Angling Lines have transformed and reignited my passion for carp angling and how they have quickly become the highlight of my year. I thought that this blog would be useful to anyone who is perhaps thinking about going to France for the first time or perhaps deciding if they ought to go again and haven’t experienced an Angling Lines holiday.

It was three years ago, when deciding that I couldn’t face another journey down to the West Country stuck in the endless traffic jams on the M5 for a few carp during my holidays when I decided to contact Angling Lines to enquire about fishing in France.

Perhaps I should firstly explain that my carp fishing life has run over three decades from the initial obsession of catch at all costs, irrespective of family commitments that lasted for over 10 years to the current perhaps more socially acceptable side of carp fishing, where I now pick venues that offer a good chance of catching during the day light hours, rewards good watercraft and fish for them in ways that maximises the enjoyment of carp fishing irrespective of the size of fish caught. It was from this latest background I found myself looking for something different, something that would excite a 50+ year old who had seen and done most of what the whole spectrum of carp fishing offers.

As said earlier, it was Angling Lines that by chance I chose to ring with a casual enquiry, and looking back how that one tentative phone call has literally changed my whole of approach to my carp fishing year. They quickly suggested a number of venues, when I asked if they had anywhere where I could expect a few runs, lots of action with a chance of 30lb+ fish, “oh and by the way, with lakeside accommodation, as I do not want to bivvy up for a week as I am going to take my other half”. Anyway to cut a long story short, my very first French carp fishing holiday was an outstanding success as hopefully the photo’s show.

For those of you who haven’t experienced a carp fishing holiday in France, think about a whole lake (available at lots of venues) to yourself, brilliant accommodation, warm sunshine and carp to die for. All the venues I have visited have been run by English owners who are proud of their venues, desperately want you to enjoy your holiday, where nothing is too much trouble, add these ingredients to the above and you have found yourself a piece of carp fishing heaven. I urge you to try it, and will be happy to give advice to anyone thinking of going over with or without their partners, from a fishing point of view, bait or just travelling through France in your car, just drop me a line via the blog or pm.

Finally thinking forward to my next French fishing trip, to sum up, what else makes a 59 year old man eye’s tinkle, smile broadly for no apparent reason and adopt an almost boyish enthusiasm when just thinking about going on another fishing adventure!.

Let me know your thoughts, Chuck Ives


6 thoughts on “Why I carp fish in France

  1. Spencer Humble says:

    Hmmm makes me want to go now! After 20 years of Carping I’ve still yet to make the jump to angling abroad. I have a feeling I’m going to change that! Keep the eye twinkling!

  2. Jim Kelly says:

    Well put Chuck. I have been going to France since 1992 and it is still the highlight of my angling year. Peaceful venues, empty roads, fabulous carp and cheap beer, bring it on.

  3. Ron Key says:

    Hi Chuck, as someone who can give you a couple of years, I can only agree with everything you said particularly the last paragraph.

    I’ve been travelling independently to France for over 20 years and it is only in the last three that I discovered the delights of having everything organised for you. Gone are the days of spending three days trying to buy a permit, or finding that all the carp went in a vindage last year. As you say beautiful venues, plenty of fish and a lake to yourselves. Three weeks and I’ll be there, it makes me smile too.

    Cheers Ron

  4. Pat Gillett says:

    Nice article Chuck. I think you sum up nicely why we all enjoy carp fishing abroad so much. To me a good week in France really is the ultimate ‘chill out’ week.


  5. John London says:

    A very good article chuck and I know how much you have enjoyed your trips here and I think you have put in words exactly why so many anglers visit here in France. I also think you have highlighted how your choice of fishing has changed and how with the accomodation you are able to bring your partners and fish a lake to yourselves and still make them happy.

    Look forward to seeing you later in the year.

    John, La Bletiere

  6. Chuck Ives says:

    Just a quick few words to say thank you for everyone’s comments. I have had a couple of personal emails asking for more info, so if you guys will put up with me, I will sent in a 4 part blog giving my thoughts on Picking a venue, Preparation, Driving in France and the Fishing. Let me know if you would find this interesting or of any help. Tight Lines
    Chuck PS must be doing something right, had 4 doubles on a quick day trip locally on Saturday, tip for the week, get on Quest Baits.

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