Why you should always carry 20mm boilies



We sell far more 15mm boilies than we do 20mm boilies which does surprise me.  I like small baits in my own fishing but tend to do so from 20mm baits. Let me explain.

To me there is nothing worse than not being able to quite reach the fish with free baits. This is why I tend to carry 20mm’s around with me and leave them intact until I know the fishing situation I will be in.



Look at the food in these chopped Chilli Chocolate baits

I often end up cutting them into halves, thirds and quarters. This releases a lot more of the attractors much quicker and also gives the advantage of them looking totally different. I find I catch more with these on pressured venues than I do on conventional round baits. Obviously no good for baiting at range though (apart from with a Spomb). I would definitely rather have a bed of broken 20mm boilies out in my swim than a bed of uniformly sized and shaped baits and when I really need to I can introduce them whole at much greater ranges than I can with smaller baits.

For fishing catapult range the chopped baits hit the surface from a catapult much more quietly – thus less scaring.

The sheer fact that we sell so many more 15mm boilies than 20mm boilies means that by using 20mm’s as they are is another thing that little bit different to most.

When I first joined the Mangrove syndicate I caught a lot of fish on 10mm baits as there were so few anglers using baits that small on there. A couple of years later and most were on small baits and my catches became average rather than much better than average as they had been before. Another couple of years on and I decided to try 22mm baits as I was seeing so few larger baits going in. Straight away my catches soared again simply by being different with bait sizes.

Have a think about where you are fishing. Could a simple change in size of bait used give you that all important edge?

Shaun Harrison, Quest Baits


One thought on “Why you should always carry 20mm boilies

  1. Several blanks at a close by difficult venue prompted me to step up to a 20 mm. Within two hours I’d taken in my first carp. Nowadays if I’m fishing with multiple rods one always has a 20mm on.

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