Winter Bonanza at Molyneux


After the work party of last week we were looking forward to welcoming our first guests of the new year at Molyneux in the shape of a lovely bloke Jack, who has visited us a number of times now. He brought with him for his first trip his brother in law Jamie, a fairly new carp angler….

The guys arrived bright and early on Saturday morning, excited about the week ahead. After a catch up over a cuppa they set off for a look around the lake. They chose to make a start with jack in Social 1 and Jamie in Stones.

French carp fishing Molyneux

Love this

Nothing was caught on the first night, but Jack did lose one at the net. They were not put out, and persevered on Sunday, and were rewarded at midnight when Jamie landed a mirror of 28lb. At 2am on Monday morning jack weighed in with a 28b 4oz mirror. 3.05am saw Jamie have another in the shape of a 31b 14oz mirror, and then at 8.30am Jack landed a 30b 4oz mirror. Not a bad night…..

French carp fishing Molyneux


Nothing was caught overnight but at 1.50pm on Tuesday Jamie caught a 29lb 13oz mirror, at 2,40pm Jack landed a mirror of 33b 14oz. Both guys had been suffering from lost fish due to hook pulls, I suggested that they up their hook size to a six and maybe now they had got fish in front of them and obviously on the feed to increase the amount of bait they were using. The bait was by the way Magnum White from Quest baits, exactly the same as Glenn, Lloyd and Kane had been catching their fish on the week before….

molyneux french carp fishing

30lb common

The changes seemed to have an effect with more takes during the night and following day. 3am saw Jack land a cracking 37lb 10oz mirror, 2.45pm and Jamie had a nice plump 30lb common. At 9pm Jack had a 31lb mirror, and at midnight Jamie had a 32lb 4oz mirror.

37lb 10oz

37lb 10oz

Thursday and the fish kept coming, 1.30am saw Jamie landed a 27lb 10oz mirror which at this point was the smallest fish of the week… 8am and Jamie had another, a 31b 4oz mirror, at 8.30am jack had a 26lb 10oz common, at 5.30pm Jack had a 26b 10oz mirror then followed those up with a 30lb mirror at 9pm. This was to be the last fish for his trip.

35lb 14oz

35lb 14oz

At 8.30am on Friday Jamie landed a 24lb 6oz mirror, then at 6pm a cracking 35lb 14oz mirror, finally at 10.15pm Jamie finished the week off with a pretty little 15lb 15oz common.

The week was very cold at times, and the guys worked hard for their fish, but it goes to show that with application a good weeks fishing can be had when others would rather sit at home and watch tv. Well done lads, Jack as always good to see you and the dogs buddy, and Jamie it was a pleasure to meet and chat with you….. I hope we get to see you both again in the not too distant..

For more information on Molyneux follow the link – Carp Fishing in France


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