Winter Carp Fishing Tips: The Whitby Hand Warmer

One of the worst thing about cold weather fishing on short or long sessions is having cold hands and feet. This Winter I purchased 2 Whitby Hand warmers from Go Outdoors and they’re a discovery worth mentioning on this blog. 

They cost £13.50 each, there are other makes such as Zippo available but they are a little bit more expensive. Each one comes with a cloth bag and a plastic fill vessel. The only thing that is needed is lighter fuel which can be purchased from most news agents for around £2.25 a tin. Make sure that the lighter fuel is the liquid and not the gas. They are easy to light if you know what you are doing and once lit are fail safe.

I have put a short video together showing how to light the device. Once it has been ignited, place it in the cloth bag and it will last for hours. Do not remove from the bag as it could go out and cools down quickly. The bag also helps to reduce the amount of heat that you could be exposed too as they do get very hot.

Once they are going they can be placed in your pockets or even in your boots, as long as you are not wearing them. They do work, and they will remain an essential item for me in the cold weather and I can see me using them to warm my boots even on those cold nights in the bivvy.

Paul Cooper
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