Winter Plans at Molyneux

Bailiff Wally fills us in on the improvements planned for this winter at Molyneux, one of the prettiest carp lakes in France, which spans 13 acres and sits just 2hrs 45 from the port of Calais.

Just a quick update for you all, as to what has been occurring at the lake during the off season.

Thankfully, the weather has been very mild, if not a tad damp. This has had two benefits in that after the heatwave and slightly lower water levels due to extreme heat we are actually full to the brim once again. So full in fact that as I walked around this morning I noticed the water was actually lapping over the edge of the lower platforms around the lake. The other benefit has been that I have been able to tidy, trim and make the place even more beautiful than ever for you all for the new season.

Molyneux in its winter glory

We have been feeding during the winter as it has been so mild and the fish have remained active, not a day passes that I don’t see signs of feeding fish or carp crashing around the lake somewhere. I am expecting a very good start to the season as a result.

We have a work party planned for February, where we have a number of jobs to be done including.

1. Improve path

One is to improve the track, We have some potholes which have appeared due to a combination of heavy use and very wet conditions.. The plan is to level off the track as much as possibleā€¦

2. Weed prevention

We have also ordered enough lime to treat the lake thoroughly. We are expecting this to help prevent a repeat of the weed growth we saw last summer, again, due in no small manner to the extreme temperature and sunshine of last year.

We generally have a small amount of weed in areas, but never to the extent that we saw last year. I am very confident we will make a huge difference with the precautions we are taking, if not to prevent weed completely then at least to knock it back as much as is humanly possible.

We look forward to the the new season every year, but this year we have if anything increased our passion for the lake and making it the sort of venue we ourselves would want to return to.

We look forward to welcoming you all, new anglers, as well as old customers and friendsā€¦ come and visit us, and see what you think of our improvementsā€¦

Many Thanks

Molyneux has 50% off until the 21st March this year. So if you fancy an early season session on a lake proven to perform well at this time of year, find out more here – Molyneux Carp Lake near Calais


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