Work Party Report at Molyneux

This has been the first year that Molyneux have arranged a full two weeks of work parties… and boy did they make the most of it! Here’s bailiff Wally with a round-up of all the improvements and of course a few captures along the way…

Work party week – 16th February 2017

Many thanks to Lloyd, Glenn, Kane, and of course Alison who came over for a weeks fishing, fun and hard work recently. I’m glad to report we managed to get loads done around the place.

molyneux carp fishing france

Kane also managed to bag a new PB Tench

This included a new terrace attached to our van, a huge tree which was falling a bit at a time down, and a huge job clearing snags around the island from the double swim around to Stones. This was a hard physical job which will make a fantastic difference to all those that fish any of the swims around that side of island.

molyneux french fishing holidays

Glenn – 39lb 4oz

The lads also managed a few fish during their trip. Lloyd nicked a 28lb mirror, while Glenn, fishing to the back of the island caught very well with five thirties to 39lb 4oz. Massively appreciate all your hard work guys.

Work party week – 25th February 2017

The second week my old mate Paul arrived as he has done for the last five years. This year I challenged even him and his considerable skills, especially making him work with French solder and flux to virtually replace all pipework in shower block.

Numerous other jobs were done over the first few days, mostly indoors as the weather was poor. Thursday and Friday we had allocated to redoing the Double swim, which had over time deteriorated.

molyneux french fishing holidays

The double swim

Andrew a good friend popped in to help with heavy stuff, and we all cracked on and with five minutes to spare managed to pull it out of the bag… Not only does it look better, it will last longer, and is much easier to fish from comfortably.

molyneux french fishing holidays

Paul also nicked a couple of fish from Cabin swim. He only really fished a few hours during the evening. Two mirrors of 23lb 8oz and 24lb. Many thanks Paul. You are a bloody star mate, we can’t thank you enough.

For more information on Molyneux follow the link – Carp Fishing near Calais


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