World Record Carp – 94lb!

Here it is Martin Locke’s World Record 94lb mirror caught at Rainbow Lake last week.

I must say it is looking in great shape at the moment and possibly doesn’t look 94lb because we are so used to seeing carp pushed out towards the camera. However if you check the size of Martin’s hands then this is always the give away – I guess you struggle to push a 94′ out towards the camera!

It is certainly not a bloated fish – I wonder if it’s frame is still capable of growing more? If it isn’t there is still room for it ‘bulking out’. It really does look as though the first 100lb carp could be closer than we perhaps think.

I’m not sure if anyone knows if it is a male or female fish but if it is female then this fish will definitely top 100lb with spawn!


One thought on “World Record Carp – 94lb!

  1. john harry says:

    Well done Martin, what a great fish.

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