Colour Coded Rods

Now this picture created a fair bit of discussion when I showed it elsewhere as many seemed surprised my rods are tipped with different colours near the handles.

carp fishing rods

Each rod has it’s own colour

This is something I have done for years now and is simply to be able to easily tell them apart. I did it originally when being forced to turn up and set up in the dark. If I have a rod marked up for a feature in a certain swim I want to know exactly which one it is at a glance rather than having to try and work out which rod was which when all had identical rigs on them.

Similarly if I have a particularly lively time with fish coming thick and fast I never get my rods mixed up. If I notice some damage to a line whilst packing away, or turn a hook point over it is so easy to remember which rod needs extra attention at home without having to un-pack and inspect them all.

The week I spent at Brocard Large lake with Ron just a few weeks back the coloured rods really made life simple as the sport was hectic at times and I would be sorting a rod for re-casting when Ron would hook one so I would drop what I was doing to offer assistance and then one of mine would be away and before you know it there are rods everywhere.

It was a simple job for me knowing the red rod had been on the left and so on. It is also nice for me to look at that picture and remember that the blue rod once went into battle and landed me a 108lb catfish and so on. My rods have their own personal bests.

So, there you have it. This is why I use different tippets on different rods. Yes, you can number them or be really discreet and mark them underneath, but myself, I prefer to see at a glance which rod is which.

Shaun Harrison
Quest Baits

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