Late Season Catches at Castle Lake

Fishing a week this October at Castle Lake, Steve Bardens came away with 17 carp in total, here’s his feedback below…

Fishing France at Castle Lake


Details of your catches: 17 carp in total, vast majority over 35lb, biggest 39lb. We fished grassy point on far side.

Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Found slightly firmer spots at 100m + and baited heavily with 20mm boilies. Nothing in margins went. Caught a couple of cats (40lb’ish) on single pop-ups.

General comments: Very happy! Castle is an excellent lake and i plan to return next year. That’s saying a lot because i normally only fish open lakes and rivers in france & avoid commercial lakes at all costs! But this was a very natural lake and didn’t feel commercial at all. I’m happy for anyone to phone me for info – 0115 9307798.

Fishing France at Castle Lake


For more information on Castle Lake follow the link – Fishing France


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