2019’s Most Memorable Captures – The Furet Mirror

We’re looking back at this year’s most memorable captures and the stories behind them. One that stays in our mind is French angler JC landing this incredible 66lb mirror on Etang du Furet. We asked him about the capture…

1. Why did you choose Etang du Furet for your trip this year?

Firstly, the lake is pretty close to my hometown, secondly it is known for holding a lot of 40lb+ carp.

JC and a 66lb mirror from Etang du Furet

2. How many days had you been at the lake? How did you decide on your tactics for fishing on the lake?

7 days to be exact, my tactic is really simple: boilies and pellets, no particles. Different sizes of pellets mixed with different sizes of chopped boilies, coated with liquid food to give a boost. That does the job for me.

3. When you hit the rod did you know it was something special? How was the fight?

When you grab the rod you know immediately who you have! The big boy! This big male is really powerful – thats a 60-70 pounder (depending on the time of year).

4. What’s the best tip you can give to someone heading out to the lake in the future?

Don’t use particles.

Etang du Furet is a mature and authentic 19-acre lake in France, which has space for up to 10 anglers each week. Anglers come here for the incredible stock of carp, with many between 40lb to high sixties. Owner Guillaume is a well respected French angler and has created a haven at Etang du Furet for English anglers wanting a crack at some exceptional French carp fishing.
Find out more about the lake here – Carp Fishing in France at Etang du Furet


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