2019’s Most Memorable Captures – The Lepinet Mirror

We’re looking back at this year’s most memorable captures and the stories behind them.

Nick Lowe and his capture of a cracking 53lb mirror at Lepinet was one of them. We’ve asked him about this particular moment…

1. Why did you choose Lepinet for your French carp fishing trip this year?

We ended up on Lepinet due to a change made 11 hours before our holiday haha, due to the previous lake being low on water, with good recommendations from angling lines, it turned out to be a blessing.

Nick – 53lb

2. How many days had you been at the lake? How did you decide on your tactics for fishing on the lake?

I fished on swim 9, using a snowman rig and boilie only approach of nash scopex squid. I took 40kg with me as we know these big fish get hungry. Works every time on French venues. Fishing at range would be important and it was around the 150yrd mark. Basically fish out to the middle of the lake. I had been at the lake for 3 days and already landed 6 fish, when it ripped off for the 53lb’er.

3. When you hit the rod did you know it was something special? How was the fight?

When I hit the rod at the distance I was unsure what I had hooked into but as it got closer the signs were there of the deep plod which big fish usually do. It took a while to give itself up but when it graced the net I knew it was a special fish.

4. What’s the best tip you can give to someone heading out to the lake in the future?

Take plenty of bait boat batteries, as the fishing is long range. Boilie only to avoid the bream. A look for the fish they will definitely show you where they are.

We all had a fantastic week I finished with 39 fish which I think is an incredible week, it included 12-30s 2-40s 1-50s and an enormous sturgeon which I’m still intrigued to know how big that actually was.

Lepinet is a mature 34 acre lake, split into two venues – Lepinet North and Lepinet South, each covering 17 acres of water. It is a fantastic destination for big carp fishing in France.


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