‘Literally An Angler’s Paradise’

Thanks to Ron and Barry for their excellent feedback on Deux Iles
Holiday date: Sat 9th Jul to Sat 16th Jul 2016
Name of customer: Ronald Jillings
Number of anglers: 2

Details of your catches:

16 Carp caught in total – although we did only fish for 4 days…
7 Doubles
7 Twenties
1 Thirty (36.12)
1 Forty (41.12)

Firstly we have been coming to France for a weeks fishing for the last 13 years, we balance our trip as 50% Holiday and 50% Fishing and on that basis this was our best week ever, Deux Iles is literally an ‘anglers paradise’.

Deux Iles carp fishing lake in France

We arrived on Saturday as usual and was greeted by the owner Bruno Simond after enjoying well needed cold beer together, Bruno walked us around this simply stunning lake, pointing out spots and generally giving us run through of what the lake had hidden beneath it’s surface. We set about unpacking all our gear, after a couple of hours we sat outside our cabin, enjoying some fine wine and just taking in the simply stunning surroundings…we ended up just relaxing and decided to leave the fishing until Sunday!

The sunrise on Sunday morning was just fantastic and the carp were showing themselves all over the lake, we had some breakfast and then went for a walk around the lake and down to the river, which is equally stunning…by this time it was just after lunch and we still haven’t got a single rod out…rushing was just not on the cards…this was clearly going to be a totally relaxing week…and it was! After doing some pre-baiting we eventually got the rods out around 6pm and the first fish were on the bank in the early hours of Monday morning.

Deux Iles carp fishing lake in France

The week continued to deliver wonderful weather and we just soaked up the sun and the wonderful ambience of Deux Iles, the wildlife and of course the fishing…with regards to the fishing, we caught fish from all over the lake and if we had put in a bit more effort we could have doubled our tally easily…

Bruno was the perfect host and knows the lake intimately, if you were struggling Bruno could take one walk around the lake and put you on fish…as for the fish themselves…they are in perfect condition, with all the fish stocked by Bruno hand picked…they all fight very hard…which was fantastic!!!

carp fishing france Deux Iles

If you had a group of 4 or 5 anglers this really is the perfect venue and the facilities are second to none! In a couple of years this lake will be booked up a year in advance…we couldn’t recommend the lake highly enough! Tight Lines Bazza and ‘The Chief’

Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Essential Cell topped with Essential Toppers

Were the facilities what you expected? The facilities are amazing, the cabins are first class, with loads of room for all your gear, breakfast bar, 2 beds and of course electricity. The showers, toilets and kitchen complete with Large Fridge, Freezer, Toaster, Microwave and table and chairs are fantastic. If you wanted to bring the wife, she would be very, very happy!

Were you happy with them? Yes 5 star! You will not be disappointed!
deux iles french carp lake near calais

Would you recommend the venue to a friend?
 I would recommend this to anybody that is looking for a cracking venue with 5 star facilities and an owner who is a carp angler himself and who couldn’t do enough for you!

Would you recommend our services to a friend? Without a doubt!

General comments: Book it!


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