Lake Record Mirror Carp at Old Oaks

Here’s Mark with a new lake record mirror out of Old Oaks – 58lb 14oz! Congratulations. You can read the group’s feedback below…
Holiday date: Sat 25th Jun to Sat 2nd Jul 2016
Name of customer: Karen Royston
Number of anglers: 4

Details of your catches:

Mark -20lb Grass carp,1 twenty,2 thirties.5 forties and 58lb 14oz Mirror
Kristina- 1 twenty, 1 thirty, 2 forties PB 42lb
Karen- 1 40lb Mirror
Norman – 1 twenty 1 thirty and 52lb 12 oz Mirror
carp fishing in france Old Oaks

Mark – 58lb 12oz

Your best tactics/bait/rigs:
 Essential cell and cell boilies fished on running rigs
Were the facilities what you expected? Yes as 2nd visit

Were you happy with them? Yes very much so

Would you recommend the venue to a friend? All ready have

Would you recommend our services to a friend? All ready have

General comments: Mehdi great as usual .Fantastic weeks fishing but hard due to unseasonal weather rain everyday.
fishing france old oaks

Karen – 40lb

carp fishing in france Old Oaks

Norman – 52lb 12oz

For more information on Old Oaks follow the link – Carp France 


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