51lb carp stocked at Lillypool

We’ve been after a fish of above 50lb for Lillypool a while now, but they are as rare as hens teeth.

Finally I got the phone call on Tuesday night to say she was on her way. It was a cold wet night, but at 8.30pm I had the pleasure of seeing her in the oxygenated tank and then carrying her the short walk to the lakes edge.

After confirming her weight at 51lb,taking photo’s and a video, I got into the water for one last shot before letting her gently slip into her new home.

For those of you already booked here next year,good luck in your quest. I look forward to seeing her again in the spring with a bottle of bubbly going to the first lucky angler.

Pics to follow very soon.

Jay the bailiff


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  1. […] Here’s the video of the 51lb’er going into Lillypool in November 2010. Full details here. […]

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