Website developments – driving directions to and from our carp venues

Following on from the Points of Interest website enhancement we’re now ready to launch the next stage – Driving Instructions.

The Driving Directions App

This enhancement allows you to get driving instructions from the venue to the POI & from your home to the venue.  This facility is password protected & you’ll get the password when you’ve have made a booking.

The above screen shot gives you an idea of how it works.


2 thoughts on “Website developments – driving directions to and from our carp venues

  1. Jon Perkins says:

    I have to say that this is a very impressive addition to your website and should make life just that little bit easier for people coming over to France. I would still advise using a GPS/satnav system though as this realy does take the stress out of driving.

  2. ChrisDagg says:

    Thanks for the comment Jon. The intent of this facility is more for route planning and scoping out the tourist attractions for non anglers.

    Interestingly the programming interface is GPS aware so with a mobile platform like Android you can have both the directions and the GPS, but that is another days work!

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