A pig gets netted at Glehias!

This is without doubt the funniest thing I’ve ever seen at Glehias; Ben Young and Gary Sawyer of ‘Bivvy Power’ are fishing here this week at La Gléhias with Gary’s mum and dad Al and Lynn.

On Thursday evening I went down to the Lakes for a chat with Ben and Gary, about an hour later it was just getting dark when we saw what looked like a large white cat come in through the fishery gate and run along the dam wall bank which was about 80 meters from us. Only when we stopped talking did we realise the large white cat was in fact pink and making a snorting noise!
I immediately ran to the dam wall to investigate further and the baby pig turned and ran at me, at this point instinct cut in and I ran away from it wailing like a girl while Ben and Gary laughed rather a lot!

It was getting darker and darker as we planned a way to catch it and by now it had run to the Gorse bank on the far side of the lake. We had decided to catch it in a landing net, so I went the long way round the lake and scared it back towards Gary who was hiding in a bush near the gate with landing net to hand, as the piglet ran into the darkness towards the gate all I heard was Gary shout “PIGGY” at the top of his voice as he leapt out of the bush and snagged it in his landing net. First pig ever netted on our fishery!!!

We managed to get the screaming maniac struggling piglet into an empty dustbin without harming it, put the dustbin in the back of the Land Rover and drove it back to the house and let it go in the goose house for the night. We gave it a while to calm down and then took it some water and cooked maize to see it through to the morning, within ten minutes it was munching through the maize and was completely mellow.

Funny thing, I only said to Al and Lynn two days earlier that I would love to have a pet pig.



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