Young angler breaks Gléhias lake record carp

Lee and Tracy, the owners of Gléhias carp fishery in France, explained how they felt about 12 year old Reuben smashing the Junior Lake Record twice in one day. As a fishery owner you get to see a lot of anglers, some of which are very good. But, once in a blue moon, you get […]

Glehias has a new 50lb lake record carp!

Glehias offers a tranquil carp fishing lake in the beautiful French countryside, and it is now home to 50lb+ carp too! Here’s owners Lee & Tracy with the update…. Lake Champion does it again with a 51lb Common! Van driver, author, song writer, concert stage builder, and La Gléhias veteran Saul Mulvey, here for the […]

New Lake Records at Glehias

Tracy and Lee own Glehias in France, a venue which consists of two lakes, one for carp (and some rather sizeable catfish!), the other for coarse fish. This is a paradise for small groups who want a French fishing venue exclusively to themselves with excellent facilities. Here is Tracy with an update from the first […]

Four Carp Fishing Venues For The Summer Holidays

If you’re looking for a family holiday this summer with some carp fishing included then take a look at the following four French carp fishing lakes. All have a week or two still available in the summer holidays this year and offer great fishing, accommodation and facilities for all the family.

Spectacular Week of Lake Records at Glehias

  Having arrived at Glehias on Saturday afternoon, the Chandler Party of five decided to set up bivvies and prepare rods to crack on with the fishing first thing on the Sunday morning after a relaxing night at the farmhouse. The fishing started with a flying start and by mid-week, the tally was stacking up […]

Developing A Carp Lake – Decked Swims Under Way

Lee & Tracy have been developing great additions to the Glehias lakes. In 2014 they completed the wonderful floating cabin and now they’re paying particular attention to the swims on the lake… Last winter, over a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows, we discussed what lake projects and general maintenance projects would take priority this year. Due to water […]

Start of The Season at Glehias

After another long wet Winter the 2016 season is at last upon us. La Glehias regulars Richard Parks and Scott Bryant arrived yesterday morning and to kick start the new season, Scott managed to wet his net by finding a lovely 27lb Mirror within a few hours of getting a line in. Before we opened for 2016, works […]

A Summary of Glehias’ 2015 Season

Despite kicking off to slow start in terms of Anglers, those brave enough to come in March and April this year saw some decent catches in spite of the rain. La Gléhias regulars, Richard Park and Scott Bryant did their usual trick of finding a few big lumps in March when the water was still […]

Glehias Video Diary

Cracking video put together by Tom Sharpe fishing Glehias with his dad Kev and mate Nobby in mid April… ‘Great place for a week’s fishing. Everything you could ask for. Can’t think of anything to find fault with. Food was spot on! Must have put on half a stone!!! All in all well worth a visit. […]

Nick Returns To Glehias…

Nick Cooper, on his third trip to Glehias, landed this stunning 37lb common last week. Here’s the feedback from his trip below… Holiday date: Sat 28th Mar to Sat 4th Apr 2015 Name of customer: Nick Cooper Number of anglers: 3 Details of your catches: 37.4 Common, 34.5 Mirror, 30.3 Mirror, 36.4 Common, 28.4 Mirror, 28.2 […]

Bill and Linda’s Excellent Adventure at Glehias

Arriving at Glehias lakes at mid-day in very warm, very humid conditions, we met Tracy at the Farmhouse who offered us drinks and then took us for a look around the 2 lakes in the heart of the Breton countryside. The first lake, the big fish lake “Lauren”, named after Tracy and Lee’s daughter, looked […]

Grass Carp Spawning

Went down to see how our anglers were getting on yesterday afternoon and had the pleasure of watching Bill bring a stunning Grass Carp in to the bank. Bill had said at the start of the week that he’d never caught one before and would really love to hook into one of our Grassies. Your […]

Monsters From The Deep!

Peter Holgate and Mark Morgan fished Glehias last week and witnessed the strangest behaviour of Lake Lauren I have ever seen. The Cats and the Carp literally split the lake in two!  The Carp took to the shallows whilst the Catfish took over the deep end. On arrival, Mark said that he would like to land […]

Record Number of Fish Banked at Glehias

Adam and Stuart Sullivan had a phenomenal week of Specimen Carp fishing here last week at La Gléhias. They had a staggering total of 72 takes, of which they landed 52 fish with a colossal combined weight of 1288lb! Having arrived Saturday afternoon, the first 24 hours started out a little slow. They weren’t too […]

Introducing the Floating Cabin at Glehias

After a total of 40 long days’ work in weekends and many evenings over the winter period, our ambitious Floating Cabin project was finally finished at Glehias just in time for the start of our open season. All powered with gas and solar panel, it is fitted out with an oven, hob and grill, fridge, […]

10 simple things carpers can do to improve their chance of success

We’ve resurrected this post from a couple of years back, there’s some really wise advice in this short list of tips. Written by Lee Johnston, owner of the beautiful Glehias.  1. Information, Information, Information. Always speak to the Lake owner and find out as much as you can before your visit. Email or phone as many questions as […]

Doors & Floors & More! – Building the Cabin at Glehias

Glehias Carp Lake are well on the way to finishing the Floating Island Cabin in readiness of the 2014 Season, here’s the latest update from Lee… Despite the wind and the rain and a couple of terrific hailstorms, Saturday turned out to be a pretty productive day. After finishing up the rest of the decking, […]

Walking the Plank! – Building the Cabin at Glehias

Glehias Carp Lake have begun work on the Floating Island Cabin in readiness of the 2014 Season, here’s the latest update from Lee… Hadn’t anticipated good weather at all for this weekend, so when the sun put his hat on and came out to play on Saturday, we changed the plans slightly to take full […]

Climbing the Walls! – Building the Cabin at Glehias

Glehias Carp Lake have begun work on the Floating Island Cabin in readiness of the 2014 Season, here’s the latest update from Lee… First of all, we would like to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody! Over the Christmas period I managed to get about five days on the build. The first thing to […]