A Recent Report From E.S.P. Angler Sean Trafford

ESP’s Sean Trafford recently convinced his family to take their holiday at the beautiful La Gléhias fishery in France, landing a great selection of fish, including this 32lb beauty!

We took our yearly trip to France last week but this one was slightly different as my partner and our little one came along to see what the fuss was all about. We arrived at the lake and what a beautiful sight it was! Just as we started to walk around the lake a mid-30 head & shouldered out of the water tight to the far bank (always a good sign when seeing a new lake for the 1st time).

Glehias French Carp Fishing


After a walk round with the owner Lee, we had decided on the swims we would fish. I treat France as a holiday and if you catch a few then it’s a bonus! After a few casts around the swim with the marker rod I had my 3 spots chosen and marked down. We choose not to fish the first night as we were still tired from all the traveling, so everything got set up with a little bit of bait trickled in over the spots and then it was time to catch up on some lost sleep.

Glehias French Carp Fishing

Sean and Family

We caught frequently during the week and only fished from early evening to mid-morning in order to give our swims a rest. Between the 3 of us fishing, we had a total of 38 fish with a combined weight of 809lb 07oz which included 14 Mirrors, 14 Commons, 3 Grass Carp, 1 Koi & 6 Catfish.  All fish were caught using ESP Original Camo Leadcore with an Adjustable Lead Clip down to ESP Two Tone 20lb in Green or Brown, to either an ESP Big T Raptor Size 5 or an ESP Curve Shanx Size 6. Bait-wise, the fish were caught on Oxford Carp Baits & Quest Baits Boilies over lake pellet.

La Gléhias was a new venue for us so we weren’t too sure what to expect from it – but we were more than happy with the end result!

You can see the write-up on the ESP website here
For more information on Glehias follow the link – French Carp Fishing




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