A Week At Barrington’s

A group from Belgium visited Barrington’s this week. There was Boy, his partner Maryke, daughter Axelle and their friends Annelies, Davy and Bjorn. They also rented the chalet and fished around the whole lake during the week.

The weather was wet and windy until the Friday and they caught 13 carp to to 39lb12oz and the only catfish at 12lb2oz. Axelle fished with maggots for roach and Rudd and had fun. 12 of the carp were caught using Bazza Bait A.

The tally included 10 x 20’s and 3 x 30’s.

Find out more about Barringtons here – Carp Fishing France

barringtons carp fishing in france

barringtons carp fishing in france

french carp lake barringtons

barringtons carp lake in france



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