Quick Session at Lillybelle

It has been a very sunny and dry 2017 here in France and, along with many other lakes in France, Lillybelle‘s water level has suffered as a consequence. Here is owner Richard with an update…

The lake when completely full has an area of 5.5 acres to around 6ft at its deepest, currently we think that around 4.5 acres to 4.5 feet deep are fishable.


With the lake reserved for works this week, I had the opportunity to carry out an experiment this weekend.

I decided to try and replicate a normal change over day, so invited a couple of friends to come and help me. I wanted to do a single 24 hour overnight session starting at 4pm (normal arrival time for Lillybelle) but I asked my friends to give me complete control over baiting and placement of rigs. Thankfully they both agreed.

french carp lake lillybelle

After 18 hours of fishing and a completely sleepless night, we finished after at 10am managing 11 fish to 30lb+ with all 3 of us loosing a fish each on top. I think that the lack of rain and low water level is making the fishing a bit more sporadic, but far from impossible. The drop in temperature really helped us and we enjoyed a terrific little session.

french carp lake lillybelle

For more information on Lillybelle follow the link – Carp Fishing Holidays in France


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