An Update from Bletiere

Good results for Steve and Sue fishing Bletiere last month despite some scorching weather, even netting the lake record common. Here’s their catch report…

Holiday date: Sat 17th May to Sat 24th May 2014 
Name of customer: Steve Northway 
Number of anglers: 

Details of your catches: Commons – 3 x 10 to 20lbs, 4 x 20 to 30lbs, 5 x  30 to 40lbs, 1 x 40lbs.
Mirror – 4 x 10 to 20lbs, 4 x 20 to 30lbs, 5 x 30 to 40lbs, 1 x 40lbs.
1 x grass 10 to 20lbs
koi. 3 x 10 to 20lbs.

Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Nash scopex squid balanced with plastic corn and nash pop ups. Far bank and feed heavy with johns pellets and particles.

Bletiere Fishing Holidays

Sue – 29lb 8oz

Were the facilities what you expected? Yes
Were you happy with them? Yes

Accommodation facilities (rated 1-5): 
Accommodation cleanliness (rated 1-5): 
Accommodation overall (rated 1-5): 

Would you recommend the venue to a friend? Yes already have
Would you recommend our services to a friend? Yes already have

General comments: Tough conditions, fish spawning, weather baking hot or continuous heavy rain. John was extremely helpful and knows his lake. Loved Lesley and her cooking. We had a really relaxing time.

For more information on Bletiere follow the link – Carp Fishing Holidays with Accommodation

carp fishing holidays with accommodation at bletiere

Steve – 45lb 8oz


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