Bumper Week of French Carping at Glehias

The Draper Party were here with us at Glehias last week and and had a bumper week of fishing, we were fortunate enough to be given their complete catch report.

We love it when we get a complete record of a good week’s catches from our anglers. Apart from it being a precise record of your fishing holiday, it gives us an accurate insight into how our fish are doing, how much weight was dropped during spawning, what baits are working best at what time of year and where the fish are coming from, all valuable information I use to pass on to future anglers.

Barry was fishing The Reeds in the shallows, Tony fished the shallow to mid-depths on the Gorse Bank and Kev fished the deep end of the Gorse Bank, the BBQ Corner and the Outlet Sluice hoping to find one of the bigger Catfish.

The catch list goes like this:

Kev – 13:00hrs – 8lb Common
Tony – 16:00hrs – 14lb Cat (Pb)
Tony – 19:45hrs – 26lbs 4oz Mirror

Kev – 05:10hrs – 26lb Mirror
Tony – 06:00hrs – 17lb 8oz Mirror
Barry – 08:10hrs – 23lb 8oz Mirror
Tony – 10:50hrs – 27lb 12oz Mirror
Tony – 13:00hrs – 19lb Mirror
Barry – 14:30hrs – 21lbs 12oz Mirror
Barry – 17:25hrs – 14lb 2oz Koi

Barry – 03:30hrs – 33lb 12oz Mirror (Pb)
Barry – 07:00hrs – 18lb 8oz Mirror
Barry – 12:40hrs – 24lbs 12oz Mirror
Barry – 14:30hrs – 29lb 12oz Mirror
Tony – 16:15hrs – 16lb 8oz Cat (Pb)
Tony – 19:25hrs – 20lb 8oz Common

Barry – 07:20hrs – 22lb 12oz Mirror
Tony – 08:40hrs – 24lb 12oz Mirror
Kev – 18:05hrs – 25lb 8oz Mirror
Kev – 18:30hrs – 15lb 8oz Grassie (Pb)
Barry – 20:00hrs – 28lb 8oz Mirror

Barry – 09:00hrs – 25lb 2oz Mirror
Tony – 09:05hrs – 50lb 4oz Cat (Pb)
Tony – 14:20hrs – 26lb 8oz Mirror
Barry – 19:20hrs – 28lb 4oz Common

Barry – 03:55hrs – 24lb 12oz Mirror
Kev – 08:50hrs – 29lb Common
Barry – 10:10hrs – 22lb Mirror
Tony – 12:20hrs – 21lb 12oz Mirror
Kev – 14:05hrs – 28lb 12oz Mirror
Tony – 14:45hrs – 15lb 8oz Koi
Barry – 19:20hrs – 18lb 12oz Mirror

Barry – 01:05hrs – 23lb 12oz Mirror
Tony – 08:50hrs – 29lb 8oz Common
Barry – 16:10hrs – 9lb 12oz Grassie (Pb)
Barry – 16:20hrs – 8lb Common
Kev – 18:20hrs – 25lb 8oz Mirror
Kev – 19:15hrs – 29lb 4oz Mirror (Pb)
Barry – 21:15hrs – 20lb 12oz Mirror

Total Number of Fish Landed 39
Total Weight 896lb 4oz
7 New Personal Bests!!!

We estimate a total of around 54 runs were had, most of the lost fish were at night and this is normal when fishing the reeds as the Carp tend to bolt away from you in the dark, this is of no concern as the barbless hooks soon come out.

This week also saw Tony Draper land one of the big Cat’s in the shallows, this has never happened in the last six years of anglers coming here as they have a tendency to run for the snaggy reeds and snap you off, so apart from being a cracking Pb fish, it’s an achievement in itself just getting a 50+ Cat on the bank in that end of the lake!

Well done lads, what a week’s fishing!

French carp fishing at Glehias


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