The Distance Piggyback Dropper Rig

Anglers often go to extremes not to lose their leads when fishing, but this whole concept works against them because a carp will use the weight of the leads and the softness of mono lines to set a continual bounce on the line between the hook and the tip of the rod which can either […]

Hooks & Leads – Does Size Matter?

I’ve been an angler now for far more years than I would like to admit to.  I was lucky enough to learn my angling skills on rivers like the Avon and Stour around Bournemouth and I’ve had the privilege of fishing with a lot of good anglers, always learning from them. I then went carp […]

Advanced Carp Rigs – The Lead Drop Rig

  I very much favour heavy leads for carp fishing… you can read my reasoning here. However, once the heavy lead has done its job and hooked the carp there’s no reason to keep it during the fight. That’s why I designed this “Lead Drop” rig. So… here’s the component parts needed to make the rigs; […]

Carp Rig Thoughts – Why I Favour Heavy Leads

By Chas Cook, owner of Vaux In my opinion when carp fishing, the most important factor after the hook is the lead set-up.  I very much favour a heavy lead… & here are the reasons why; Many anglers sit behind their rods and their non-moving swingers unaware that carp are actually mouthing, and sometimes moving off […]

Carp Rigs to Catch a Monster Carp at Villefond

Over the last few years since I first stocked Lac Du Villefond I have been witness to a lot of changes at the lake not least how the fish have grown into absolute monsters in a relatively short space of time. As the carp have grown in size they have become accustomed to more and […]

A Step By Step Guide To Tying The Blowback Carp Rig

We’ve just loaded up an excellent step by step guide on how to construct the extremely effective Blowback Rig (with & without hair).  It’s been put together by top carper Paul Cooper… well recommended;   Carp Fishing in France at 35 Lakes

Chas’s Big Carp Euro Rig – A Safe Carp Rig

The component parts of Chas’s safe carp rig A disturbing aspect of owning Vaux French carp lake is that I find numbers of my carp each year dragging leaders and leads because the tackle used by some anglers does not allow the leads to drop off the clips.  The reasons can be; leaders cannot pass […]

Carp rigs; How To Construct the Ultimate Pop-up Rig

Paul Cooper shows you how to construct the ultimate pop-up rig. Note from Paul; ” I didn’t make it clear on the clip why I use the short tag of 30lb Seaguar.  Well, it  keeps the shrink tube in place because although appearing stiff, without the Seaguar the shrink tuibe does not maintain its shape. […]

Constructing safe carp rigs

Paul Cooper shows you how to make a safe carp rig. Ensuring that the lead can be shed in the event of a line break is the first rule of safe rigs.  In this video Paul shows you the components you need to be certain your rig is safe.

Carp Rigs – Tying the Knotless Knot

Paul Cooper presents a series of short video clips on carp rigs and tips… Over the next few months I intend to put a series of short video clips together showing the methods that I use when fishing home or abroad, that help me put those extra few fish on the bank. I have been […]

Carp rigs – a new twist to glaçon/ice rig method

I continually assess my fishing methods with a view to improving them wherever possible and I’ve come up with a twist to my glaçons or ice rigs (see Vaux BLOG Winter Carp Fishing – The Ice Rig dated 8th February 2010) as my earlier method was slightly inconvenient, owing to the fact that a hook […]

Off-set Carp Hooks – Are They More Effective?

Question: Hi Shaun, Nowadays all carp hooks are straight pointed but after purchasing some of these Smart point hooks that you use I see that the point is twisted off centre, not exactly sure what the techincal term for it is!  What is the difference between these hooks, does it affect the fishing? Tom Answer: […]