Catfish Lake Record Smashed Last Night at Molyneux

When Helen and I arrived at Molyneux the start of last year the Catfish record stood at 45lb. All through last year we had a number of 40lb plus captures but again the largest for the season weighed in at 45lb.

This puzzled me slightly as surely there must be larger in the lake?

This season that has been increased slightly with a 45lb 12oz fish being caught only two weeks ago by Jason.

Last night though it was broken in grand style, with a monsterous cat of 58lb, caught by an angler named Luke from the double swim.  An incredible beast almost 13lb larger than the previous record.

I can only assume that it has been growing steadily away and has maybe not been landed for the last couple of years, maybe even lost a couple of times.

It’s further confirmation in my belief that Molyneux really is a truly special place with potential in the next few years to produce some really astounding carp and catfishing. The amount of pb’s already caught both for the anglers and the lake is testament to all the hard work we have put in over the last 18months and the and general wellbeing of the lake and quality of the water.

58lb catfish molyneux

Molyneux French Carp Lakes


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