Bivvy Power Lights the Way!

Power Pack and Lighting system sets available for hire at Glehias for 15 euros per set per week.

Complete set includes:

Power Pack, Charger, Internal Light and External Light with Remote Control.

The ‘Remote Lighting System’ not only allows you to illuminate your bivvy, but the area outside it too… and all from a remote control fob which you can attach to a necklace and wear to bed!

So, in that moment of urgency, when you are awoken in the dark by a screaming run, you can illuminate the situation immediately and see exactly what you are doing. The interior lighting is so good you could even tie rigs in your bivvy in the middle of the night without a struggle!

The power pack is small and is incredibly long lasting.  It will power a portable DVD player for up to 10 hours of film play or run your lighting for over 50 hours of continuous use.  Not to mention you can use it to charge your phone, PSP, MP3 players etc, in fact anything you can run in your car on the 12 volt car socket, you can run on ‘Bivvy Power’.

The system is seriously impressive… so easy to set up, robust and weather proof, once you’ve tried it, this is one product that you won’t want to be bankside without!

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