Deux Iles Report To 18th June

An update from Bruno, owner of Deux Iles, a beautiful 8 acre carp lake just 2hrs 45 from Calais…

A great week again at Deux îles with 4 really nice guys. After a quick walk around the lake we used a draw to determine which group would be on each island.  Lee and Peter choose first and started to set up on the right island and discussed the best spots to fish.


One of the islands at Deux Iles

The week was not really fair. Indeed Lee caught 20 carps while the three other anglers caught only 4 in total! It seems that all the fish were in the same area.

Lee : 1 x 44lb / 5 x 30lb / 9 x 20lb and 5 teens 13lb-18lb
Peter : sun, feed my carp but he didn’t damage them..  😀
Alan : 1 x 16lb common
Dean : 3 x 12 to 28lb

Total : 24 carp

We had a lot of fun this week and I suggest to all the groups who have walkie talkie to bring them to Deux îles as they did this week. See you next year guys!

Find out more about Deux Iles here – Carp Fishing in France

carp fishing in france near calais

deux iles french carp lake


carp fishing in france near calais


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