Want a 50lb+ Common? Here’s Where To Find Them

Big common carp are fewer and further between in comparison to their mirror counterparts. They’re also most anglers prized captures as the sheer length of a common carp in excess of 50lb is something quite special. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites from Angling Lines venues…


1. Caught at Villefond, May ’16

Villefond is well known for it’s big average weight of carp (last week’s anglers had 8 x 40’s, 6 x 30’s and just 2 x 20’s!) and 51lb common ‘Little John’ is no exception.

villefond big common carp


2. Caught at Jonchery back in April ’13

We don’t have all the details on this capture but it’d be a crime not to include it, this carp is truly stunning!

big common carp jonchery

If only they all looked like this!


3. 60lb, caught by Gaz at Old Oaks in September ’15

‘Great Fish, Great Lake, Great Owner!’ 

big common carp 60lb old oaks

The group caught 1 x 60,3 x 50s, 14 x 40s, 11 x 30s, 3 x 20s and 2 x doubles that week.


4. 54lb, caught at Brocard Small back in April ’13

There are a couple of big beautiful common carp at Brocard Small, this one is our favourite though…

large common carp brocard small

We’d have that grin on our face too


4. Steven Male with a 50lb ghost common, caught at Laroussi in May ’15.

There are at least 3 different 50+ commons in Laroussi.

ghost common big carp 50lb laroussi


5. 54lb, caught by Robert Booth at Boux in May ’14.  

‘We had 22 fish including 5 x50lb+ and 6 x 40lb+. Third trip to Boux, won’t be our last.’

big common carp boux

Robert Booth – 54lb

6. Last but not least the current lake record at Lillypool. Will caught this common in May ’16.

lillypool big common carp lake record



To get more information on any of the venues above, find them here – Carp Fishing France


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