Discover The Best French Carp Lakes With 80lb Carp

If you are looking for the some of the biggest carp, then these two top class French carp lakes with 80lb carp will certainly do the job!

Sky Lake

This lake has an exceptional reputation for big carp fishing in France and is a short drive from Calais at just 3 hours 15 minutes. With great management, facilities, optional food packages and bait available to buy on site, the lake has it all.

Sky Lake Huge Carp
Seriously huge mirror at Sky Lake

As the stock of carp has matured over the years, there are now over 50 x 50lb+ carp and a lake record at over 80lb. The great thing is that, despite these huge carp, we still wouldn´t describe Sky Lake as a particularly difficult lake. It is a comfortable 12 acres, so no inland sea! You prebook your swims and can choose from a selection of well maintained doubles or singles.

The lake contains very little weed or snags and no nuisance species like poisson chat or crayfish, making for an enjoyable fishing experience. There’s good depth with 2.5-4 metres on average, making this a lake that doesn ‘t really switch off in the hotter summer months either.

Here is one review from a recent angler:

“What more can I say than this place is what dreams are made of! A unbelievable weeks fishing with the lads, incredible hosts and hospitality couldn’t ask for much more! Considering the weather couldn’t make up its mind we done a good head of fish between the 8 of us with a good few PBs coming out. First time going to France fishing and I can happily say I won’t be visiting anywhere else.”

Find out more about Sky Lake, read all the reviews and book here – Sky Lake Big Carp in France

Sky Lake French Carp Lakes with 80lb Carp
Sky Lake in France


A little further into France and you will find Villefond, tucked away and smaller at just 8 acres. This lake packs a punch with its stock of carp.

The owner’s careful management over the years has finally paid off big time, with the lake now holding countless 40lb+ carp and a 80lb+ lake record with a huge shouldered mirror that has to be seen to be truly appreciated!

big carp at Villefond
An 80lb+ Villefond Carp

It is a lake for anglers that appreciate a more natural feeling and, because of its size, really suits groups of 3 to 6 anglers who want to hire it exclusively for the week. But you’re welcome to book on individually too.

The owners, Debbie, John and Mark, are very warm hosts and the optional home cooked food packages get rave reviews!

Here is one review from a recent angler:

“This is a well run fishery with probably the best lake owners I’ve met in France. John and Debbie were fantastic and the food was excellent best I’ve had on a fishing trip in France. The hosts were very welcoming, friendly and full of advice. The fishing is tricky but get your tactics right and you’ll have a very memorable week.”

Find out more about Villefond, read all the reviews and book here – Villefond Carp Fishing in France

Villefond lake france
The beautiful Villefond lake in France

So those are two of our French Carp Lakes with 80lb Carp. Check out the rest of our fantastic lakes (over 45 of them!) here: Angling Lines


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