Easy Carp Lakes in France – Spend Time Catching!

Here are six easy carp lakes in France that we would describe as usually being easy fishing. They are all well stocked, allowing you to relax and enjoy plenty of memorable carp fishing… after all we only get so many holidays a year so why not spend them catching!

Jonchery 7 or 8

These two small lakes are extremely popular for anglers that want to enjoy a lake to themselves. Both lakes take up to 3 anglers each and sit on the same complex. The quality of the fishing is excellent – both for size and number of runs. You’ll find carp to over 60lb and a very good average weight.

Overall, Jonchery 8 is perhaps a little harder than Jonchery 7, but if you view the catch reports it still produces very well. And in return, it does have more larger carp.

A straight forward 4 hour drive from Calais, there are also optional food packages and bait is available to purchase on site.

Here is one of the latest reviews for Jonchery 7, from Dave Pillman:

“47 carp caught between 2 anglers on Jonchery 7. Love this venue… if you need any advice Mark is always on hand, don’t be afraid to ask him as he is a fantastic bailiff. Anita’s food package is so good, highly recommended!”

Find out more about the two lakes below:
Jonchery 7
Jonchery 8

easy carp lakes in france
One of the Jonchery 8 carp


Under 3 hours from the port of Calais sits Seigneurie, a lake that combines runs with a decent size of carp. The current lake record sits at over 50lb but we see a good number at 40lb+ out too.

At 12 acres, this lake is larger than the others but with its long rectangular shape it doesn’t feel overly open. Designed for a maximum of 6 anglers, there are two spacious double swims and two single swims which sit back to back on two sides of a point.

Expertly run by Bruno Simond, you can be sure of a warm welcome and good facilities on site.

Here is one of the latest reviews for Seigneurie, from Desmond Wynn:

“76 carp caught between 5 anglers. Action packed fishing with some cracking fish which are hard fighting. The lake and the fish are a credit to Bruno the owner who is a great host. Nothing is too much trouble for him to make your week a success.”

Find out more about Seigneurie here.

runs water in France carp fishing
One of Seigneurie’s impressive commons


This pretty 4.5 acre lake is usually really productive with anglers banking plenty of carp, catfish and sturgeon in a week. The carp reach an impressive 55lb and the layout of the lake with all swims on one bank allow for a social trip with mates. All swims are doubles too.

Fishing is relatively straight forward, you have a good feature in the margins on the far bank but carp come from open water regularly too.

Facilities are very basic but everything you need is there – you have a cabin with shower, toilet, charging points, a fridge and freezer.

Here is one of the latest reviews for the venue, from Jamie Westwood:

“26 fish between the 3 of us. Catfish up to 98lb and carp to 50lb. Having a bait boat is definitely an advantage. Sometimes bites would come within 30mins of redoing the rods. Good layout for a social water. Recommend! Have had nothing but good customer service and experience through Angling Lines over the years.”

Find out more about Cailleaux here.



This lake usually provides fast and furious fishing but also comes with a lot of added extras! You hire the venue exclusively for the week and the lakeside cabin is included. So even if you are bivvying out, it gives you great facilities right by the lake.

There’s a pretty swimming pool too set slightly back from the lake, ideal for cooling off on the hottest of summer days.

In terms of the fishing, you can expect plenty of carp around 20lb but there are some bigger 30’s and 40’s too with a current lake record sitting at 46lb.

Because of the facilities on site, this lake really suits anglers that wish to bring their family along or introduce their kids to carp fishing too. However, we have plenty of groups visit of just 3 or 4 anglers that want to experience plenty of carp on the bank too.

Here is one of the latest reviews for the venue, from Alan Tweed:

“Vincons certainly delivered as a “runs water”. Fishing days only I caught 42 carp (2 thirties, 15 twenties, 20 doubles and five singles). If you are after action and comfortable accommodation in a quiet rural setting, Vincons is an excellent choice. The lake is large enough to make things interesting with deeper water and shallows to fish. As others have commented the fish fight incredibly hard. The lodge is very comfortable and well equipped. Alice and her family are very friendly and helpful.”

Find out more about Vincons here.



A very picturesque 4 acre lake, four hours from Calais in the Loire region, that you hire exclusively for your group of up to 5 anglers.

Again this lake is a great choice for a social as you can choose from any of the spacious double swims, most of which are on one bank and complete with a firepit.

There’s a large head of fish here – around 300 carp to 50lb, catfish to over 100lb and sturgeon to over 80lb, so you are unlikely to be short of action.

Here is one of the latest reviews from Autels, thanks to Anthony Roberts:

“As advertised, it is perfect for a social session. Service is spot on as always. 50+ fish between 5 anglers.”

Find out more about Autels here.

Autels Easy Carp Lakes in France
Autels Carp & Catfish Fishing in France

So there you have it, six easy carp lakes in France to take a look at for your next holiday. Check out all 45+ lakes we have here: Angling Lines

…or if you’re looking to target monster carp you can find them in the lakes below.


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