Do I really need to use a lot of bait at Gigantica?

Hi Danny,

Me and a friend are coming over in June for the week. After watching the DVD’S we wondered if it was true that you have to use such a massive amount of bait.  I’m not used to using that amount of bait on a fishing session in the UK and it’s my first time to France. What is the best approach to use when visiting in June?

Any help would be appreciated.

Dan from London


Thanks for the enquiry. Massive amounts of bait……’s like any other fishing situation Dan, if they’re scoffing it, you’ll get through it, but on the plus side, if they’re scoffing you’ll be catching !

Carp fishing in France at Gigantica

Carp this size eat a lot of bait! A 55lb’er caught in April 2010

We have a big head of big fish here and they aren’t big from not eating. In June they, hopefully, would have spawned and you’ll be getting amongst them if you fish well. you’ll get through more bait than perhaps you will on your normal water, as I guess your normal water hasn’t got similar stocks.

Massive beds of bait do work but it’s not regulation, and when you’re fishing you’ll know if your gonna need more as the fish show A LOT when they’re in front of you eating. I have got through 20kg in a night before, but then I did have 11 fish that night so I’m more than happy to use that amount. Other nights I generally get through about 2-3kg.

It’s all about what’s happening in front of you and what you do with that situation.  Sorry if it hasn’t answered your question, but it is unanswerable as I don’t know what will happen in your swim the week you’re here.
What I do know, if you’re hauling, you won’t mind the heavy baiting!

Look forward to meeting you.



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