Important notice re Gigantica bookings

As from winter 2011 Korda will now be taking bookings for Gigantica themselves.  Anyone who’s made a reservation for Gigantica for 2012 & beyond has already been written to and their details, along with any deposits paid, have been forwarded to Korda who will of course honour the bookings. Here’s a message from Danny Fairbrass; […]

Gigantica carp lake – a few questions…

Hi Danny, If you have a moment or two free I’d like to ask a few questions about your lake in France, Gigantica.  My name is Kevin and I live about ten minutes drive from Blackpool in Lancashire.  I’ve been course fishing for around 28 years now but moved over to carping when I was […]

Gigantica carp lake – any tips?

Hi Dan I’m book on a trip to Gigantica in August.  Could you give me some tips for the lake.  How does the hot weather effect the fishing?  What amount of bait would I need as I’m trying to work out a budget for the trip?  Do you allow tiger’s?  What is the cost to […]

Do I really need to use a lot of bait at Gigantica?

Hi Danny, Me and a friend are coming over in June for the week. After watching the DVD’S we wondered if it was true that you have to use such a massive amount of bait.  I’m not used to using that amount of bait on a fishing session in the UK and it’s my first […]

Jake’s Gigantica Tree Line session… part 2

Jake continues his assault on the tree line swim at Gigantica, revealing the knots he was shown, and some stunning Gigantica carp to finish with. You can read Part 1 here. Five More Carp, One Lost Fish, Two Nights Left! By Jake Langley-Hobbs Good Afternoon. I finished off yesterday’s post with a tempting footnote….I had caught […]

Gigantica produces its third 70lb+ carp!

Fudgey’s @ 73.09 – Gigantica’s 3rd known 70lb+ carp So, after a slow first week but with amazing weather so early in the year, last weeks lake exclusive of German anglers really raised the bar for all who follow this year. Although the group only caught 3 fish for the week ( 6 anglers in […]

Jake’s session on Gigantica carp lake – part 1

Jake recalls a memorable session from 2009 in the Tree Line Swim at Gigantica, including some tactics and advice he was given to overcome the power from these creatures when fishing at close range. The Tree Line Swim Has Not Disappointed! By Jake Langley Hobbs Good Afternoon. Firstly sorry for the delayed post. It is just […]

Early season tips for Gigantica

Welcome to the first Gigantica report of 2011. Though we have had no anglers on so far in 2011, I wanted to give you all a quick update on the lake. Throughout this wet winter we saw a huge influx of water which made water lever rise significantly and flooded most of all the swims.  […]

Gigantica carp baiting tip – use smaller boilies

Hi Danny, Thanks for your recent e-mail.  I’m very interested in your observation regarding the biggies now may be wary of boilies.  As you say, they see a lot of 20mm baits used due to bream & maybe a change to smaller boilies would work – 16`s maybe?  As you say the bream are not […]

Do I need to fish at distance to catch carp at Gigantica?

Dear Danny, I have fished in France now on several occasions on smaller lakes and having watched some of the DVD’s available regarding Gigantica I am slightly worried. Normally I like to fish the margins and do well, but in almost all the video’s regarding your venue the fish seem to be caught as far […]

The story of the capture of the carp Staples at Gigantica

You may or may not know the angler on the front cover of this year’s Angling Lines brochure. The angler holding the monster carp is Jake Langley-Hobbs, and Jake now recalls the events leading up to the capture of Staples from Gigantica. He had just picked one of his dogs up from the vets after […]

How effective are Tiger Nuts as a carp bait at Gigantica?

Hi Dan, I understand that small amounts of tigers (supplied by yourself on a daily basis) is now allowed… is this correct? Also just a question about boats;  I want to hire one and as you only have 6 (I believe), is it best to pre-book this? ************************ All particles have been allowed here at Gigantica since […]

Gigantica’s third 70lb carp!

Korda marketing manager Ali Hamidi bagged this 70lb 8oz mirror known as Single Scale during a week at Gigantica France.  Ali 31, who also caught three other fish, revealed : “The first part of the session had been a real hard slog I’d lost three fish through terrible luck and the swim was devoid of […]

New carp record at Gigantica – 75lb

Barry with The Giant @ 75lb !! This week’s Gigantica report from Danny Turtle; WOW, what a week. By far the funniest and amusing weeks fishing and socializing we’ve had all year. We had the first part of a 2 weeks filming here at Gigantica so only 6 clients but what a bunch of reprobates! All from […]

Do we need to carp fish at range at Gigantica?

My father and me are thinking of fishing Gigantica in October.  I have seen some reviews that say the fish move further out into deeper water and that most fish are caught more than 100 yards out.  If this is the case can you use bait boats or can you row your baits out.  Any […]

72lb monster carp – the Giant @ Gigantica

October 2009 Danny Fairbrass lands Gigantica’s largest resident – the Giant at 72lb. He’d already had several 40’s and a 50 before catching the Giant on his final night. Just look at the size of this magnificent creature!