Do we need to carp fish at range at Gigantica?

My father and me are thinking of fishing Gigantica in October.  I have seen some reviews that say the fish move further out into deeper water and that most fish are caught more than 100 yards out.  If this is the case can you use bait boats or can you row your baits out.  Any help or advice would be much appreciated.  Also what will the weather be like temp wise in October.  Many thanks, Andrew





43.10 magnificent Gigantica common


Danny Turtle, Gigantica bailiff, answers;


Last year, the fish did move further out into the centre of the lake after a year full of good anglers and pressure on the fish themselves.  After time, the pressure tells and forces the fish off the main feeding areas within each swim. However, as we fish at sensible ranges now, the fish only move beyond that range.

Generally, I advise people to fish between 50-70yds in each swim, its comfortable and to be honest, most anglers cant fish effectively beyond that range.  As the pressure builds, the fish push out beyond the 70yd mark, so with this in mind, the fish are, generally, sitting between 70-100yds.

You can fish at range and be right amongst them, but fishing the 50-70yd areas is still relatively productive as the fish move on over the baited areas to graze giving all anglers a chance.

Obviously, being able to fish comfortably beyond the 70yd area would and does produce more bites.

To answer your points; remote control boats are totally banned at Gigantica. They cause anglers to fish at extreme ranges, which in turn keeps the fish at extreme ranges. This is a proven fact here at Gigantica and since banning them, the fishing has improved beyond our greatest expectations.

So with this in mind, your second point, regarding the rowing out of hookbaits, again, totally banned as with the remote boat syndrome, it just makes the fishing so much more difficult for all.

You do not have to be a great caster to catch here at Gigantica, which we are sure suits far more average anglers than allowing boats to place baits in far off distance areas.

I hope this clarifies your quieries but feel free to contact me at anytime should you require additional information regarding fishing at Gigantica.

Regards, Danny Turtle


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