Doors & Floors & More! – Building the Cabin at Glehias

Glehias Carp Lake are well on the way to finishing the Floating Island Cabin in readiness of the 2014 Season, here’s the latest update from Lee…

Despite the wind and the rain and a couple of terrific hailstorms, Saturday turned out to be a pretty productive day. After finishing up the rest of the decking, I also managed to get the arch-topped front door tweaked and hung; two very nice jobs to cross of the list as these really start to complete the big picture! Just a few more outside jobs to go such as the rope fencing and a bit of guttering, and the exterior of the cabin is done.

Glehias Carp Fishing with Accommodation


Sunday was also a good day with the internal floor going down, including the main gas run being plumbed in beneath it ready to connect the gas cupboard to the kitchen area. I also managed to get the external gas cupboard door built and fitted, and fixed a couple of the anchor rings on the platform perimeter.

All in all, a really satisfying weekends work! Next on the list, glazing, guttering, insulation and wiring…..

Glehias Carp Fishing with Accommodation


For more information on Glehias follow the link – French Carp Fishing


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