Early season tips for Gigantica

Welcome to the first Gigantica report of 2011.

Though we have had no anglers on so far in 2011, I wanted to give you all a quick update on the lake. Throughout this wet winter we saw a huge influx of water which made water lever rise significantly and flooded most of all the swims.  However, It’s slowly receded and we’re pretty much fully fishable now.

Gigantica carp lake

Gigantica in its summer glory!



The good news regarding this increased water level is that for the first time in nearly two years we are at maximum level and this is certainly a good thing. The fish, in past years have struggled to get into the margins through lack of water, not now! As the sun gets higher into the sky, and the water temps rise the fish will begin to investigate the margins they love so much, I’m sure it’ll be a great start to the year.

And with that in mind, for the anglers who are booked in for the first month or so please bear in mind that you will not need to bring huge amounts of bait. Anglers in seasons past have made some shocking decisions so early in the season and hoping for a big hit, they’ve bundled big beds of bait in and then sat and twiddled their thumbs as either the fish have shown their attraction to such a big bed of bait by rolling and showing in the general vicinity or worse, blanked!




A fine Gigantica mirror carp

A fine Gigantica mirror carp

Bags, stringers and singles with perhaps the addition of sticks to heighten the hook bait attraction is the order of the day, fishing for bites is a must… fish for a hit and everyone will suffer. Caution is the name of the game and sneaky well honed traps will see the indicators dance their merry dance hopefully.

We always tell our clients, one of the major advantages here at Gigantica is to get your lines down. Fluorocarbon mainlines, flying back leads and standard back leads all have their place here. Use this info to your advantage. We started to use fluorocarbon hooklengths later in the year and now that the water is clearing, again, using such a hooklength can only be an edge. Make sure those hooks are razor sharp (and barbless) with the best indication you have and I’m sure you’ll have a chance!

I look forward to meeting our new clients and some friends from seasons past, another great year ahead!

Danny Turtle


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