Finishing up the Framework – Building the Cabin at Glehias

Glehias Carp Lake have begun work on the Floating Island Cabin in readiness of the 2014 Season, here’s this week’s update from Lee…

This week saw a lot of finishing up of the exterior studwork including the toilet/gas cupboard wall. On the roof, the rafters were cut back and the facia boards fitted. The front door area was finished up ready to take the door frame and inside, the framework to carry the ceiling was put in place, this is also additional bracing for the roof and helps to stiffen the whole upper structure even further.

The roof is now ready for its covering and final measurements have been taken to start making all the external joinery next week.

If you missed the first ‘Building The Cabin’ installments they are all here.

Glehias French Carp Fishing Cabin Blog


Glehias French Carp Fishing Cabin Blog

Looking in through the front door

Glehias French Carp Fishing Cabin Blog

Yes, working till last knockings again!




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