Gigantica carp baiting tip – use smaller boilies

Hi Danny,

Thanks for your recent e-mail.  I’m very interested in your observation regarding the biggies now may be wary of boilies.  As you say, they see a lot of 20mm baits used due to bream & maybe a change to smaller boilies would work – 16`s maybe?  As you say the bream are not so much a problem now, so this could work very very well.

I do like to give the carp “food ” boilies – they’re good for them and keep weights up too!  What do you think?

Also a fridge question! Is there one on site to keep yogurts, bacon etc in?

Thanks a lot Dan, very impressed with your response to the many questions I have asked.


I agree, a change in the usual approach will make a difference as they have certainly started to wise up to the standard approach now.  It still catches but I think an angler who applies himself will reap the rewards.

Monster carp from French lake Gigantica


Conversely, really big boilies will have the same results.  Ali had Single scale on a huge hookbait – 25mm+… so don’t just think smaller is better. I personally fish huge baits in the summer, a 24mm bottom with a 20mm pop-up, and do very well if I’m on them. The changes are there to be made… whoever puts the effort in will score I’m sure.

We only allow food type baits here, no ready rolled, preserved baits. Virtually all the British anglers bring frozen baits now and the quality shines through compared to some of the hand rolled rubbish the foreign anglers bring. Baits that they are successful at their home waters fail miserably here. We sell Mainline here and it catches the greater share of the fish, but that is because so many anglers use it. Other baits have done very very well as well, so we are not a Mainline dominated water as some seem to think… we’ve never said that either.




French carp lake Gigantica



Re fridge;
Unfortunately our company policy is for nothing is to be placed in our fridge. Without such a policy, anglers stuff all sorts in there and at the end of the week it’s often left behind, makes the fridge smell and isn’t very pleasant. Also, anglers go to the shops and buy cheap beer then use our fridge to chill it. I will make no excuses for being a profitable business. We sell cold beer at a sensible price, we don’t take the p**s on the price so if anglers don’t want to buy from us, then they will have to drink warm beer unfortunately. What we offer is the hire of a cool box. For 15euro per week, you can hire a cool box and each and every day, collect fresh frozen cool blocks that will sufficiently keep your perishables fresh for the week.

We also hire bikes and have a few bedchairs we hire… so you can save some space on your journey if needed.  We even have a mobile internet connection for hire.

I hope this helps but feel free to mail me again if you need anything else answered.

Regards, Danny Turtle


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