Happy New Year From Bletiere

An update from John and Karen, owners of Bletiere, as they prepare to welcome anglers in the 2017 season…

Bonjour from France.Ā Where to Start. May be a quick, Ā time has just run away with us at La Bletiere.

We now have some black bass residing in the lake, they were delivered back in December as we were looking to keep the silver fish numbers under control. Our fish farmer Sebastien recommended this as one of the best ways to control the population in the lake, hopefully he will be right.

Managing the far banks of the lake is now also well under way, Karen has this all in hand as she clears the old shrubs and grass by raking out the dead stuff allowing for better growth of the new shoots in the spring. Small trees and large bushes along the lake banks are also being cut back, the rear bank from the back of the lake to the trout stream is also having a make-over by thinning out all of the undergrowth.

carp fishing in france at Bletiere winter

Weather at the moment is around -3 average with very heavy frosts, the lake is frozen right across on the top but you can still hear the overflow pipe running. All springs are still feeding the lake so hopefully the fish are quite happy resting.

Feeding the carp whilst this cold snap is here has been reduced as recommended by Sebastien, as the fish will reduce their feeding in very cold waters. We will of courseĀ go back to the normal feeding program once the waters and weather warms up.

carp fishing france bletiere

There is a new three piece suite in the gite, this is a bed settee which we said we would replace before the start of the new 2017 season, the previous oneĀ had been left for usĀ when we bought La Bletiere, worn out and just had to go.

We have some grape vines here at La Bletiere, this season we managed to harvest enough grapes to make 12 litres of red wine, along with 14 litres of elderberry red wineĀ harvested from theĀ bushes around the lake. In 2017 Karen will also be growing a greater amount of vegetables, which will allow me to use more home-grown produce in the meal packages.


So a quick round-up, looking ahead to the 2017 season, we have to offer…

Landing Nets supplied at every swim free of charge
Bait Boat Hire
Full Meal Package
Breakfast Meal Package only
Carp Bait for sale
Carp Pellets for sale
Fishing Tackle Hire – rods, bite alarms, bivvies, bed chairs, fishing chairs
We also stock and sell a small amount of terminal tackle on site

All prices are available on the Bletiere page – Carp Fishing in France at Bletiere



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