Interview with an Owner – Constant at Fullys Carp Lake

We have a fantastic group of lakes on our website, which are a credit to our brilliant owners and all their hard work. Today we introduce Constant, a well regarded angler and French FOX consultant, who created Fullys Carp Lake.

Fullys Lake is a 26 acre gravel pit with character. There are plenty of features to keep anglers busy and the rewards can be massive… quite literally! Commons and mirrors to high fifties, some truly stunning koi and plenty of fully scaled carp.

1. When did you discover carp fishing and how did you come to be here at the lake?

I discovered carp fishing when I was young. I started like most of anglers did, by fishing for small fish like roach, perch, tench and sometimes carp broke our small line, and I asked my father if we could fish for them. I caught my first carp at maybe 6 years old and since that day carp fishing is a full part of my life!

I continue to progress with time, when I reached 15 years old I was more of a competitive angler, but with time I discovered big lakes and now that’s my favourite place to fish.

I think every angler has the dream to have his own lake, when we had the opportunity to open Fully’s Lake I haven’t mind too much! It is now 4 years since we started this nice adventure and I am really proud of all we have done and will continue to do there. 

Fullys Lake in France
An aerial view of 26 acre Fullys Lake, a gravel pit just 4 hours from Calais.

2. What’s the best and worst part of being the owner?

The best of owning a lake is for me few things. I like to meet the customers, speak and share with them about their life and the way they fish, the strategy they decide to use and of course the happiness that’s catching gives them. But I also enjoy to see how my lake develops in time – the trees grows, the fish too, the biotope is more rich every year. That’s so nice to see! 

The worst is probably when the fishing is hard and some customers loose their patience about it. But we always give them the bests tips we can give and when they finally catch it’s perfect!

Fullys Lake France Linear Carp
Constant with a Linear he stocked at Fullys Lake

3. What would you say is the best feature of your lake?

It’s not easy to choose only one, so I will say the combination of the beauty of the lake with the fish that swim inside. We have a really wonderful gravel pit with blue and clear water, and the fish grow so fast! When you know all the beauties who swim in that perfect environment, to me that gives the perfect combination.

4. When people arrive is there anything they are surprised by?

The size and the beauty of the lake probably. Even with drone pictures you cannot realise how big the lake is. When you arrive by the gates, you can see how it’s big and beautiful. 

fullys lake carp fishing in france
One of the large swims on Fullys Lake

5. What is the most common mistake you see anglers make at Fullys carp lake?

Probably being afraid to not feed enough. The natural food is ubiquitous, and the fish don’t wait after us to eat. Most of the anglers who put a good amount of bait out catch well, but sometimes some guys could have more runs & fish if they fed much more. 

6. Finally, what is the one most important piece of advice you’d give to anglers visiting your lake soon?

The most important advice I give to everybody is to take the time to search for the spots, take the advantage to have a lot of space per swim to spread out the rigs and like this you put less pressure and some spots, baiting every spot with a good amount of pellets/particles/boilies and let the rods fish well.

koi carp fullys lake French fishing
A welcome addition to the lake is many stunning koi, just to ring the changes when not landing a 50lb+ common or mirror

Fullys Lake is a 26 acre French gravel pit home to carp into the high fifties. Alongside the big commons and mirrors, the many scaley & koi carp residing here are the jewels in the crown. This is the reason why Fullys offers some of the most unique carp fishing in France.

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