Glehias has a new 50lb lake record carp!

Glehias offers a tranquil carp fishing lake in the beautiful French countryside, and it is now home to 50lb+ carp too! Here’s owners Lee & Tracy with the update….

Lake Champion does it again with a 51lb Common! Van driver, author, song writer, concert stage builder, and La Gléhias veteran Saul Mulvey, here for the week with Mark Gould, and lifelong friend and fellow former record holder Merlin Barnes, has managed to do it again!

For the third time, Saul has managed to charm a record breaking lovely lady to the bank.

Saul – 51lb

The first time was back in 2018 with a 45lber on a Ouest Malibu boilie from the lake inlet. Then again the following year in 2019 from the Gorse bank on a 2xhair-rigged Ouest Malibu boilies over a handful of pellet at 47lb.

This time around, the gorgeous “BIG COMMON” was landed on a Banoffee wafter with Essential IB over Ouest Baits Malibus and pellet, from around the middle of the Gorse Bank.

For the record, Saul Mulvey is the current Men’s Common Carp Lake Record holder as of 19:50 on Wednesday 22nd May 2022, having banked the great beauty at 51lb!

A champagne celebration

Having been the first to break the 50lb mark here with a carp, we thought it only fitting to swap out our traditional bottle of La Gléhias red for a nice bottle of Champers! Well done Saul! Don’t let it go to your head!

Find out more about Glehias here.

Gléhias is set in the heart of the beautiful Bretagne countryside and offers superb French carp fishing in tranquillity and seclusion. Made up of two spring-fed lakes, you book both lakes as a complex.

Gléhias also offers a unique experience in the form of a Floating Cabin housing the lake-side facilities. With the addition of the lovely farmhouse accommodation just 500m down the track, this is definitely a venue where you could take the whole family and relax knowing that they’ll be happy while you enjoy some fabulous carp fishing.


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