Interview with an Owner – Matt at Berniere Carp Lake in France

We have a fantastic group of lakes on our website, which are a credit to our brilliant owners and all their hard work. Today we are introducing Matt, one of the owners of Berniere. This is a large carp lake in France offering very impressive fishing for carp to over 60lb.

1. When did you discover carp fishing and how did you come to be here at the lake?

I first started carp fishing just over 30 years ago, I visited France around 8 years ago to look for a fishery to create a business. It took a while to find a exceptional lake, because many are just not suitable.

2. What’s the best and worst part of being the owner?

Seeing people catch PB’s and having great weeks. Worst part would be when the lakes fishing slow and you can see people upset.

Berniere carp lake in france - a 40lb carp
Owner Matt with a Berniere 40lb’er

3. What would you say is the best feature of your lake?

The lake is stunning, the various features make it very interesting, it’s quiet and peaceful.

4. When people arrive is there anything they are surprised by?

Probably the fact it’s just so quiet, no nearby roads, but yet it’s only 10 minutes from all the shops you would need.

5. What is the most common mistake you see anglers make at your carp lake in France?

Thinking they need to fish in the middle of the lake, so many fish get caught under 30 yards out.

6. Finally, what is the one most important piece of advice you’d give to anglers visiting your lake soon?

Quality of bait is important, also try to make the least disturbance as possible.

Berniere carp lake in France
Berniere carp lake in France

More about Berniere carp lake in France

The crystal clear waters of this 27 acre gravel pit hold plenty of very impressive big carp to over 60lb. This is a beautiful lake packed full of features that will ask plenty of questions of anglers, but the effort is well worth it!

Berniere strikes the balance perfectly because it’s a big natural lake that doesn’t feel overly commercial but still provides a warm welcome with comfortable swims and facilities.

The lake is a 4 hours from the port of Calais, so it’s a straightforward drive once you’re in France too. 

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