12 Quality Carp Fishing Lakes For Groups Of 4 Anglers

Here are 12 French carp fishing lakes that are ideal for 4 anglers to share exclusively. These are all social fishing lakes in France, from action-packed waters to big carp lakes, you’ll find something to suit…

1. Brie

Set in a Nature Reserve, Brie is tree lined to all but one end, where the view over open fields looks up the driveway to a stunning country house where the facilities are situated. If you’re looking for peace and quiet then this is the lake for you.

Brie is booked on an exclusive basis and accommodates up to 4 anglers on the two large double swims. There are some incredible looking carp in this lake, large fully scaled mirrors and linears, with the lake record at over 56lb.

Find out more about Brie here – Carp Fishing in France at Brie

One of Brie’s beautifully scaled mirror carp

2. Deux Iles

Deux Iles is beautiful 7 acre carp fishing lake which offers a little extra comfort! It has been specifically designed with four anglers in mind and there are two distinctly separate sections in the form of two islands. Each island is well spaced from the other and with a cabin, so two anglers on each will have plenty of room.

The carp here range to over 53lb. A big bonus too – the lake an easy 2hrs 45 drive from Calais!

Find out more about Deux Iles here – Deux Iles Carp Fishing France

Deux Iles Carp Fishing France
Deux Iles – two islands each designed for two anglers and equipped with a cabin

3. Cailleaux

Cailleaux presents the opportunity to fish a true runs water, somewhere you can relax for a week in the knowledge that the fishing should offer you plenty of action. There are huge numbers of carp to 55lb+, catfish to 160lb+ and some beautiful diamond back sturgeon. You can expect to catch plenty of all!

The five acre lake can be booked for groups of up to 7 anglers but is absolutely spot on for groups of 4/5. The five double swims provide a very sociable layout because they are all on one bank.

Find out more about Cailleaux here – Cailleaux Runs Water in France

Cailleaux, a runs water in France

 4. Boux

This is a lake with a long spanning reputation for big carp fishing since the 80’s. That tradition continues and Boux still produces hard fighting carp at consistently high weights with 40lb+ and 50lb+ carp out most weeks. The lake record now sits at just under 70lb, so this is very impressive big carp fishing indeed.

The lake is around 14 acres and is let on an exclusive basis for a maximum of 5 anglers, ensuring plenty of water for all. Two open banks allow you to choose where to fish, making it is one of the best social fishing lakes in France.

Find out more about Boux here – Boux Big Carp Fishing in France

boux big french carp lakes
Boux Carp Lake France

5. Glehias

Gléhias is set in the heart of the beautiful Bretagne countryside and offers superb French carp fishing in tranquillity and seclusion. The main lake is 3.2 acres in size and home to carp to just under 50lb and catfish to 65lb+. 

The venue comes with the farmhouse accommodation and facilities included, just a short walk away. There’s also the optional food package to take advantage of if you wish.

Find out more about Glehias here – Glehias Carp and Catfish in France

Glehias French carp fishing lake
Glehias, a superb small social lake in France

6. Lillybelle

Your own private lake with a cabin and BBQ area right on the lake’s edge. Lillybelle can be classed as a runs water, containing plenty of 20’s and 30’s to keep the action going, but with the chance of a carp over 50lb too. The lake itself is very peaceful and ideal for up to 5 anglers.

There’s an island with willow trees sitting off side to the centre of the lake, several small patches of lily pads and overhanging bushes so there are lots of features to fish too.

Find out more about Lillybelle here – Lillybelle French Carp Fishing

lillybelle carp social lakes in France
Lillybelle’s cabin & BBQ area

7. Lillypool

When real enthusiasts get to work on a lake it shows. From the carefully maintained banks to the superb anglers lodge, maximum effort and attention to detail have gone into creating this 4 acre lake. 

The lakeside cabin has a well appointed kitchen, dining area, twin bunk bedroom, toilet and shower. It also has a large covered veranda shaded by weeping willows, which makes it a perfect place to gather for drinks and a BBQ. 

Combine this with an impressive head of carp up to high fifties and you’ve got all you need for a great social trip.

Find out more about Lillypool here – Lillypool French Carp Fishing

lillypool big common carp lake record
A big Lillypool common carp

8. Villefond

With a lake record carp weighing in at over 80lb, Villefond offers seriously big carp fishing in France. The average weight is in the high 30’s/40’s here, with numerous over 50lb. Villefond is not a runs water and the carp will test your angling skills, but the results are more than worth it. 

Ideal for groups of 4-6 anglers, this 8 acres lake has a mature feel because it has been a fishery since the 1930’s. The owners will give you a warm welcome and they also offer an optional home-cooked food package.

Find out more about Villefond here – Villefond Big Carp Fishing in France

80lb carp lake france
Villefond, home to 80lb+ carp

9. La Fonte

One of the most attractive French carp lakes in Normandy, La Fonte dates back to the 17th Century. An easy 1hr 40 drive from Caen and under 4 hours from Calais, if its runs action with hard fighting carp you are after, then this lake is definitely a candidate for your list. 

La Fonte is ideal for 4 anglers sharing the 3 swims (two of which are doubles) that span one length of the lake. There’s an optional food package available here too.

Find out more about La Fonte here – La Fonte Carp Fishing in France

La Fonte social carp fishing france
La Fonte

10. Barringtons

Barringtons is a truly beautiful 8 acre lake and lies in the Champagne region, only 4½ hours drive from the port of Calais. The natural landscape and rural setting mean it is the complete ‘get away from it all’ venue, with carp to mid forties.

This lake is ideal for groups of 4-6 anglers to hire exclusively. Furthermore, optional food packages are available and you can also hire the charming lakeside wood cabin if you prefer a bit more comfort.

Find out more about Barringtons here – Barringtons Carp Lake in France

Barringtons carp fishing france
Barringtons Lake

11. Autels

Autels is a mature 4 acre lake in the Loire Valley, ideal for groups of up to 5 anglers to book exclusively. This is the perfect lake for those wanting a social holiday with action-packed fishing.

There’s a large head of fish – around 300 carp to 50lb, catfish to over 100lb and sturgeon to over 80lb, consequently you are unlikely to be short of action. Triangular in shape, the swims (many of them large doubles) offer plenty of options and room to move around as you wish. 

Find out more about Autels here – Autels Lake in France


12. Eau de Vie North

This pretty lake is packed with features and suited for up to four anglers. It holds a good stock of carp to high forties and the lakeside accommodation is included, providing good facilities and two bedrooms – a double and a twin. From the outdoor dining area you can enjoy a BBQ with your rods out just a few metres away.

There are also optional food packages and bait available to purchase on site. If you wish to fly, then the nearest airports are both approximately 1 hour away and the venue can provide full tackle hire, meaning this can be an all inclusive package venue too.

Eau de Vie North

These are just 12 of our small social fishing lakes in France. Discover all of our venues over on the Angling Lines site.



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