Introducing Eau De Vie

The demand for small carp fishing lakes that can be hired for just two or three people has increased massively over the last few years – you just can’t beat having the place to yourself for a relaxing and tranquil holiday. Enter Eau De Vie, a perfectly proportioned 2-acre lake with lakeside accommodation just a stone’s throw from the water.

Offering plenty of features and re-stocked in December 2018 with carp to over 44lb, Eau De Vie is ready for the arrival of up to 3 anglers wanting a more intimate and secluded setting. It also presents the fantastic opportunity to get on an unpressured lake where many of the fish are yet to see an angler’s hook!

Nestled in a tiny hamlet in the Pays De Le Loire region, it is an easy 2hr 45 drive from the port of Caen. A refurbished railway carriage offers comfortable accommodation sleeping up to four, with a double swim directly outside and stunning views across the lake.

small exclusive carp fishing lake in France

Eau De Vie

The lake is kidney shaped with a clay bottom, you’ll find two small islands and mature foliage around the lake edge. Four swims, two of these being doubles, give anglers plenty of options to fish from. The lake holds around 77 carp currently, mostly 20’s with atleast six 30’s and a current lake record of 44lb.

For more information on this new carp fishing lake follow the link – Exclusive Carp Fishing in France

french carp fishing lake

One of the beautiful mirrors stocked this December


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