Aerial Views of Brocard Large

Brother carp visited Brocard Large this summer and took some incredible aerial footage to give you a real feel for this 39-acre French carp fishing venue. Take a look! 

Brocard Large is situated within picturesque woodlands in the Champagne region of France, created and run by the prominent fish farming Bachelier family. The complex consists of 2 lakes, Brocard Large and Small.

The larger of the two Brocard Lakes is picturesque and abundant with wildlife. It holds a good stock of carp to high 50’s and 15 sizeable catfish. You have the choice of several double swims and one that can be booked as a single or a double.

If you are looking for a serious water that contains a large average size of carp in natural surroundings, then this could be the one for you – carp fishing France in beautiful surroundings.


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