Molyneux Report to 11th August 2012

Helen and I were sat on our favourite logs overlooking the lake with a cup of coffee each when the phone rang to let us know anglers for the week had started to arrive. We were expecting 4 anglers at Molyneux this forthcoming week and we were soon chatting to Reuben, and James a couple of spot on lads who were fishing the lake until Wednesday when they had to leave due to work commitments, and Derek and Jayne a lovely couple from Essex.

After a chat and a coffee each we set off for a wander around the lake. The anglers were as always impressed with the lakes natural beauty and after seeing one or two of its residents showing themselves were keen to get started. Reuben and James set themselves up in the double swim, whilst Derek and Jayne started to make home in the social swims.

With the weather slightly overcast, combined with a warm South Westerly, things certainly looked good for a bite or two. With camps set up for the week, the anglers set about prebaiting and getting their rods out. Jayne was first to get off the mark when at around 7pm she lifted into a good fish. A cracking fight ensued though eventually Derek deftly netted a large common. On the scales it weighed in at 38lb 12oz. A cracking start!

Whilst the photographs were being taken James alarm sounded the start of the action in the double swim. The resulting fish was a 22lb Grasscarp. Once again bait was fired out and the respective rods put back onto the spots. Early the following morning there was a flurry of activity starting with Reuben catching a small catfish at 4am.

Two hours later Jayne was in again, this time landing a 34lb mirror. An hour later and it was James turn again, this time a 10lb mint common being the culprit. Just before the lads wandered up for breakfast James had his second of the day with a 29lb mirror being held up for the camera. With breakfast over, the lads had barely cast out when Reuben was in again, this a better mirror scraping just over the thirty pound barrier at 30lb 2oz.

At 4.45pm Reuben was again called into action. A spirited fight leading to a 19lb common being added to his tally. 5pm saw Derek landing his first of the week, and a mirror of 29lb 8oz was a very nice way to open his account. Half an hour later and Reuben was again tussling with an angry beast. This fish proving to be a 23lb Grasscarp.

The warm weather had got them feeding it seemed. At 7.15pm Jayne landed another, this time a 29lb mirror. Reuben had another two fish in quick succession at 10pm and 10.30pm, 29lb, and 26lb mirrors finishing off a busy day very nicely indeed. At a little after midnight he landed his second catfish of the week in the shape of a 19lb fish.

Once again the early morning proved to be a busy period, Derek was first out of his bedchair to do battle with a 27lb mirror at around 5am, at around the same time James landed another baby common, this one weighing 8lb’s. He followed this up a couple of hours later with his biggest of the week so far a 33lb mirror. Breakfast was quickly eaten with the lads eager to get back to their swim and carry on where they had left off.

Exactly as the day before Rueben had just cast out when his alarm sounded and line was quickly being peeled off his reel. A good fight and a few worried minutes later his mate lifted the net around another chunky mirror. This one tipped the scales at 32lb exactly. At just before lunchtime Reuben caught yet another of our baby commons at 8lb’s.

Derek added to his tally at around 1pm with a 24lb 8oz mirror. Rueben landed another 15 minutes later this time a 17lb common. At 3.30pm Jayne had her first run since the evening before; it proved to be worth the wait, with another cracking 35lb 4oz mirror gracing the net. Swims were rebaited, and the lads had their evening meal. It had hardly been consumed when Reuben was in yet again, the open water to his right certainly seemed to be holding plenty of fish This fish another mirror, weighed 25lb’s. Derek then had a busy hour around mid-evening with two fish between 7pm and 8pm, mirrors of 28lb and 26lb 4oz respectively.

The latter part of Monday evening saw Reuben land two more fish, both 22lb, one being a common the other a mirror. At midnight it was James turn to land a catfish, though no monster it was his first, so welcome all the same. For the third morning in a row the early morning proved to be busy, certainly for the lads in the double swim. At 4am Reuben landed a 23lb mirror. This was followed at 6.30am by James landing a stunning 35lb mirror. Reuben then landed a 14lb common just before breakfast. The action during the day slowed down a little as the clouds parted and the sun came out. It wasn’t until 7.30pm that the next fish was caught, Derek doing the honours with a gorgeous 34lb common.

The following morning it was James turn to catch the early fish from the double with two Grasscarp of 26lb and 27lb between 2am and 3.30am. After breakfast the lad’s broke camp and packed away their tackle, it was sadly time for them to head for home. They had both thoroughly enjoyed their stay, and had both caught pb’s during a manic few days fishing. At around 2.30pm Derek landed his largest fish of the week with a very nice looking mirror of 35lb 8oz.

The weather was now really hotting up, and the fishing slowed as a consequence, Derek added to his tally at 1am Thursday morning with a 26lb Catfish. Despite their best efforts this was to be the last fish of the week caught. The extremely hot weather and rising pressure putting paid to the run of fish.

Saturday morning rolled round far too quickly for Derek and Jayne, and after a hearty breakfast they set off back into the real world, though both Helen and I are very pleased to see they have already booked to come back for a few days at the end of September to celebrate Derek’s Birthday. We look forward to welcoming them back. Once again it was a fantastic week, with excellent company, and some cracking fish caught. How I love to hear the sound of alarms ringing out around the lake.

French Carp Lakes – Molyneux


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