Wild Carp Fishing

My usual trips to France usually consist of a group of anglers armed only with carp fishing tackle. We set our hearts on fishing a group of venues which we alternate each year. What’s the point in returning to the same lake year in year out, right?

After catching many fish from Sky Lake I decided to have a look over the road to a lake which has hardly been touched by people, let alone carp fishermen. It holds an unknown small head of carp, 90% of which have not seen a hook, line or sinker.

I decided to leave the fishing bivvy on the bank and take to the boat for some reconnaissance.  A bit of exploration with the boat I’d landed upon a nice clean gravel hump surrounded by forests of weed, it seemed a perfect place to bait and get my tackle on.  During the heat of the afternoon my efforts were well and truly rewarded with a mid thirty pounded.

Not massive by Sky standards, but he was truly wild, unknown, un-named and fought harder than any other thirty pounder I’ve caught. The icing on a fab trip to France as far as I was concerned.

Dave Lane – TF Gear carp fishing consultant


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