Our Top 5 Photos Of 2018

Reading through catch reports and photos from happy anglers is easily the best bit of the job. Here are five captures that really stood out this year. 

Kevin Hayward with a stunning 52lb 4oz common at Lillypool. One of 18 fish for the group of 3 anglers.

“We had a hard week with willow fluff covering the lake and fish spawning. All in all still enjoyed it!!”

Charlie Bonett with a cracking mirror from Alder. It was an incredible 4 day session which saw over 50 fish on the bank for Charlie and Josh.

“Used 50Kg Particle with 10Kg of boilies on big beds of bait. Regular baiting, fishing very shallow and margins. Great angling, owners very helpful. The lake is amazing very well looked after. The fishing was great and the sizes were big too.”

Jamie Ramsey with ‘Arnold’, a new lake record 71lb 2oz mirror at Villefond.

“White or yellow pop ups over boilie chops and particles fishing slightly off the known spots. Great place, very quite and peaceful, food package best I’ve had Debbie John and Mark very helpful and will do anything to make sure you enjoy your stay, will definitely be re-booking in the near future. Thank you from all of us.”

Matthew Liddell with a 50lb 8oz common – a new lake record on La Fonte. The group had a further 18 carp between three anglers.

“All fish caught casting to the far bank from Peg 1. Bright pop ups over large beds of Cell & Active 8. Fantastic Lake. Clean & tidy facilities and surroundings. Joan and Philippe made us feel really welcome. The fishing was tough due to the time of year but we still managed 19 fish between 3 of us and the stamp of fish was very impressive indeed landing two of the biggest fish in the lake.”

Mark Price with the mighty ‘Long Common’ out of Old Oaks, weighing in at 69lb 12oz. 

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  1. tomscatch - deep sea fishing says:

    These fish are very big! Hope you have spent a nice day on the river

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