Roz Sets Two New Ladies Records at French Lake Glehias

30.08 the ladies record for a common

Nottingham based Macmillan Nurse Roz Bexon, here for the week with hubby Neil and son Chris, managed to bust not one but two La Gléhias Ladies Lake Records!!

At around 23:30 Monday evening, Roz’s middle rod ripped off from the shallow end of the Gorse Bank where it meets the reeds and landed herself her first record breaking fish of the week; the gorgeous 30lb 8oz Common was taken on a T1 with Peach & Pepper pop-up snowman rig.

Ladies Record Carp

Roz’s Prize

The second record breaker came midday the following afternoon from a hollow in the bushes midway along the Gorse bank; this time a pretty Mirror coming in at 36lb, again on a T1 but this time tipped with a bit of plastic corn.

Roz’s husband Neil has had 15 fish to 35lb this week and son Chris has had a whopping 143lb of catfish and carp up to 31lb+ this week too!

Well done Roz!

French Carp Fishing at Glehias


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