Start of The Season at Glehias

After another long wet Winter the 2016 season is at last upon us. La Glehias regulars Richard Parks and Scott Bryant arrived yesterday morning and to kick start the new season, Scott managed to wet his net by finding a lovely 27lb Mirror within a few hours of getting a line in.

glehias carp lake with accommodation

27lb mirror

Before we opened for 2016, works were underway in readiness for our first anglers. As well as the usual trimming, pruning and re-planting around the banks, this spring presented a new chore. When we built the Floating Cabin back in the winter of 2013, we understood that there was always a chance that the barrels that support it might need replacing and we designed the deck accordingly.

glehias carp lakes france

Replacement going in. Once under the Cabin they are never seen so it doesn’t matter what colour they are

After a few years of rubbing and bouncing on Lake William’s stony bottom, it was apparent that more than one of the barrels had eventually worn through and popped. Although the whole platform was designed to facilitate the replacement of the barrels, it was still no mean feat! With all hands on deck, we did eventually get both barrels replaced without too much drama as everyone filled their boots – quite literally.

glehias floating cabin carp fishing

Little bit of light Yoga to finish off 😀

For more information on Glehias follow the link – French Carp Fishing


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