The Brie Carp You’ll Want On Your Hitlist


Fifteen-acre carp lake Brie is well loved for two reasons – it’s unbeatable setting and the stunning carp that it holds. Here’s our pick of the residents you’ll want to set your sights on…

The lake has been carefully and selectively stocked over the years with carp bred by the lake’s owners, the Bachelier family. The Bacheliers are prominent fish farmers in the Champagne region of France and so it’s no surprise that the fish they chose to reside in Brie are real stunners.

carp fishing at Brie Etang du Brie

The lake record currently stands at 56lb and there are plenty of 30lb+ carp too. Back in around 2012 the lake was stocked with 150 hand-picked commons and mirrors of between 20 and 49lb. Then 2014 saw a further stocking of carp up to the mid-fifties.

carp France etang du Brie

Backing on to a Nature Reserve and with no public roads nearby, this venue really is a place of beauty and tranquility, with only the wildlife to break the silence. Over half of the margins towards the shallows are lined with lily pads, making this one of the most picturesque lakes we have has the pleasure of fishing. You can see photos of the lake here.

carp fishing in france Brie
Booked exclusively for a maximum of four anglers, the lake has just two very spacious double swims built out into the water on the long side of the lake. With almost four acres of water per angler no-one should feel hemmed in.

big common carp at Brie lake in france

This pristine common was last on the bank at 51lb.

French carp lake Brie

Brie Carp Lake

And there’s plenty more photos over on the Brie fish gallery.



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