The Long Common at 62lb!

After many many big fish caught so far this year at Old Oaks, here’s the cherry on the cake. Bryan Baker did it! He finally banked the mighty ” Long common” at a new max weight 62lb10oz! Why is she called the “Long common”? Because she measures 1.20m long!

Bryan wrote :

It was taken on peg 5, the rig was a Korda size 4 wide gape barbless on 6inch ntrap link with a Sticky bait dumbbell topped with a korda pink pop up fake corn. Fishing tight to the far side bank I left the bait out for over 36hours with a sprinkling of Sticky bait 20mm Vortexes boily around the hook bait.

The reel roared off at 11am on Wednesday and for the first half hour stayed deep and not showing its self, also taking out my second rod as it ran up and down the lake on one of its many runs. After approx a hour it final showed itsself to me, wow, my son Lee (smiley) Baker said it was the big common. My arms were dropping off and my heart was trying to get out of my chest but finally after 1hr 15mins it made its final run of approx 40 meters and Richard Seed approached it with the net and netted it first time.

At last I could see the size and length – 62lb 10oz and 1.2m long, a new lake record.

62lb huge common carp at Old Oaks in France

62lb 10oz

And another…

I was also fortunate enough to take two more mirrors of 42.10 and 46.00. This beat my pb set at Vaux in France of 28lbs 8oz.

Between Myself (3 fish) Lee Baker (5 up to 55lbs 8oz) Richard Seed (7 up to 52lbs 10oz) and Jimmy Seed (4 up to 47lbs 8oz) we had a total of 19 fish all taken on Sticky bait 20mm Vortex.

(PS the trip was my 60th birthday present from her that must be obeyed, thanks Sue)

62lb huge common carp at Old Oaks in France

55lb 8oz

For more information on Old Oaks follow the link – Carp Fishing in France


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